Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Kitchen/Dining Plans

I found this old magazine pic this week, it's Leah Ball Steen's (Owner of Revival Home and Garden in Seattle) kitchen banquette.

I'm not totally sold on the table but I'm loving everything else!

I plan on doing a similar L shaped banquette in our dining room in the future. The plan is to move the dishwasher flush against the wall next to the sink instead of having the peninsula.

The cabinets on the right of the dishwasher aren't even functional anyway and it will open up the space more. The plan also includes new appliances....like I said this is a FUTURE plan! : )    The refrigerator that we have now is HUGE and sticks out way too far into the dining area.With a smaller counter depth fridge I can have a much bigger dining table and seat more than four people comfortably.

I plan to rip out that hideous faux rock, along with the carpet (the first time I typed that I spelled it crapet...I might as well have it's so gross! Kids + carpet in a dining area = All sorts of nastiness!) and have an L shaped banquette built running up the wall into the corner and under the window. It will run all the way to the base cabinet/dishwasher on the right.

Kind of like this (by Mary McDonald):

I think it will be beautiful and MUCH more functional, now to just wait and save!

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