Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Plan B

Remember this post when I said that my parents were getting me these rugs???

Change of plans! My parents didn't realize that the Seattle Ikea is a LONG drive from my brother's (and his wife's) place. So they ended up not going. Boo Hoo!

(Those of you who have Ikea's nearby....count your blessings!!!)

However, it just so happened that my friend's husband had to go to Colorado for work and would be making an Ikea run! Yay!!! Since he is having to drive a little economy car back I couldn't have him pick up any bigger items. And while I loved those rugs, I decided against them.

Remember this sitting area in our living room??

I've been looking for a lamp to put on the table in between those chairs since the glass one got transplanted to the office. I wanted something without a shade, a pharmacy/work type lamp that was very modern. I looked at a brass pharmacy lamp at Target but wasn't sold on the finish. Then, I found this beauty online at Ikea (and cannot find it now....Ikea's weird like that!):
image via

Perfect! One for me please!!

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