Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rocking chair redo

This rocking chair belonged to my Grandparents, my Mom and her four siblings were all rocked in it as babies, as were me and my cousins. When my Grandfather passed away in 2007 I inherited it, as I would be the next in line to have babies of my own. My Mom has a photo of it from sometime in the early 70's. The frame was painted pea green and it was upholstered in, of course a green print. It was later stripped and stained again and my Grandfather had it upholstered in this paisley fabric.
The upholstery was fine but needed an update and the wood was in perfect condition so I left it just as it was. (I had already started to pull off the welt cording)

I used a gray upholstery fabric from (have no clue who the manufacturer is sorry!). A while back  I got a HUGE ball of teal trim at the thrift store for $1 so I used that for the trim.

 It looks great in Phin's room (which is almost done...paint and a few sewing projects are all that is left!)!

Hopefully it will withstand another three generations of babies being rocked to sleep, fed and cuddled in it!!

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