Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who says flush mount lighting sucks?

I used to, until I found this.

So awesome!! Wish it was in my budget though!

Have a great Thursday, I'm off to sew 6 pairs of curtains.......oh my.


Stuff and Nonsense said...

that is one gorgeous light! to answer your question about posting buttons...there are two ways...1) right click with your mouse on the image, left click on 'copy image' and then wherever you want the image to go, you can 'paste' by hitting ctrl and v at the same time.


2) you can copy the 'html' code (all that mumbo jumbo in the boxes under the images on my sidebar) and then when you are on your blogger dashbooard, go to 'design' then 'add a gadget' then choose 'html/java script', when you click that a box will come up and if you've copied your button code then you can cntrl v and the code will paste into that box...then my button (or anyone's) will be on your sidebar...sounds a little complicated but it's easy as pie!

thanks so much for linking up to fridays unfolded and welcome to blogland!


Stuff and Nonsense said...

i should've pointed out the second option above is preferable by most bloggers because it will allow anyone on your blog to click on the button and go right over the that blog.

-Katie Waddell said...

Thank you Alison!!!