Thursday, July 7, 2011

High-end fabrics hiding in low-end places

I had to laugh when I saw this post from Bryn today. She found some yardage at a flea market that looked very similar to China Sea's Fiorentina. Little did she know that it is actually a Fortuny fabric worth about $600 a yard!!! I only laugh because I had a very similar thing happen to me.

Last fall I was wandering around and spotted this beautiful gray/ivory/black damask fabric in the clearance section for $1.95 a yard.

I though it was pretty so I ordered a yard to make some pillows. When it came I was kind of shocked at the quality, the print was beautiful, large scale AND it was linen, really nice! Since we were in the middle of selling our house at that time I stuck the fabric in a box and kind of forgot about it. I found it while moving some stuff around in February...I thought that the print would make some really pretty drapes for our master bedroom. I had been watching for more of it all winter and in March they had another listing....this time for $3.95 a yard. Knowing the quality of the fabric I knew that was a really good deal! So I  ordered 13 yards (I was planning on making these drapes for our bedroom in our old house, which had two windows). Once it arrived I took a good look at the selvage and this is what I saw:
David Hicks design(1970) reintroduced by Ashley Hicks(2006)Pomegranate for Groundworks/Lee Jofa!!!!

I was stunned!!! Obviously it is not as valuable as Bryn's Fortuny but I still think it's an amazing find!!

This fabric is pretty rare which explains why I can't find anyone selling any yardage, or pillows for that matter (in this colorway) online. There is some yardage available here, in a green colorway. If you are interested there are some pillows on etsy. Here are a set of two in the green colorway and this one is in the espresso/cream colorway.

The lesson here? To really keep your eyes open when looking at fabric, online or in person! You may find a rare gem! :)

I'm still undecided whether to use this fabric for drapes in our bedroom or in the living room. Suggestions????

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