Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gallery Walls

Who doesn't love a good gallery wall?

Well.............. maybe a lot of people, but I for one LOVE them!  Here are some images I've had saved of my favorites (If you know sources for any of these please let me know, thanks!)

                 (photo below is from an episode of Secrets from a Stylist)

 In the words of Bruce Almighty............B-E-A-UTIFUL!!!!!!!!

So, yesterday while "The Man" was in SLC for business, I did this:
(Sorry about the crappy lighting-this was in the middle of a huge thunderstorm)
 (See my new light fixture? Still-in-the-box, never used...... 5$ at a garage sale!!!)

As you can see I have 3 large frames with nothing in them right now. The previous owner left us the original blueprints from 1959 so I am having black and white copies made for those frames. Obviously I still have to paint, clean up, etc. but for now I think it looks great. I know some people measure each frame and cut out mock ups, arrange them on the floor and then put nails in the wall-(which totally works for them). I however just eye ball it all and play around with it until it feels right.
And just for a little reminder here is what this wall looked like on inspection day:

Here it is two days after we moved in (also before switching out the light fixture)

                                             And here it is again now

So, are you a fan of the gallery wall or not?

Do you have one in your home?

What method do you use, organized and precise or fly by the swing of your hammer seat of your pants?

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