Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oil Portraits

 Lately I've noticed a lot of oil portraits in my fav shelter mags. You too huh?! I have to say that I like them.

House Beautiful

         I especially like them in a more casual/modern setting.


                                                                Southern Living


Love the gallery wall too!
When it comes to finding such a gem I think garage sales and thrift stores are your best bet for getting a good deal. I've seen some on Etsy and Ebay too that were reasonably priced. 

I however got mine on loan from my Mom.
This is a painting of my Grandmother that was done shortly before she died of cancer. My Mom has had this painting for as long as I can remember. When we started redecorating my parents house (you can find some photos of our progress in my Portfolio) it didn't fit with their new colors. I was more than happy to give it a new home! I LOVE this painting and I'm so glad my Mom loaned it to me...thanks Mom!!

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