Saturday, May 21, 2011

Nursery Mood Board

Baby P's Nursery

Baby P's Nursery by Mauisugar55 on

 Well, here it is!! The mood board for Baby P's new nursery! I'm so excited to move and start decorating!!!

These are not the exact pieces I will be using but they are very similar. The rocking chair is pretty close to the vintage one I have, however it will be re-upholstered in a nubby gray chenille. 
I haven't decided yet if I will do a two tone dresser or just paint it all white. Thoughts? Suggestions??
 I have a vintage brass moroccan lantern to hang in his room, the shadows it casts will be amazing! 
The room will also feature this Heather Ross fabric made into a crib sheet.
I made a white butterfly mobile similar to the one shown and the canvas that J and I painted (you can see it hanging above his crib here.) will hang above the dresser. I just included the oil painting to give you an idea of how it would look.
A friend of mine recently gave me a set of vintage looking alphabet cards. I was thinking that I could use twine and clothespins to display them like this:
image via
I have a vintage monkey lamp and vintage nesting tables that will go in the room as well.

I will be using J's brown velvet curtains with the black and white stripe at the bottom, as he is getting new ones for his room. And I of course will be using lots of seagrass storage baskets!

So what do you think????????? 

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