Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nifty Thrifty

On Saturday I got to go thrift store shopping with a friend, who also happens to be a client. We had so much fun and came home with lots of treasures!

The best thing about our local Goodwill is their ever changing inventory. Anything that is on clearance at our local Target and doesn't sell is donated to Goodwill. Clothes, Home Decor items; you name it, they get it. I have bought a bunch of things brand new, in the package for a steal! Anyway, I forgot to take my camera with me to take some"action" shots ;)  but here are some things that I picked up.

I got this pair of Room Essentials lamp shades for $5.99 each. (I didn't realize this until today but I also have two Room Essentials picture frames with the same print on them.)
 This hardware is the same hardware on J's armoire (seen here). I paid $12.99 for a set of four at Target last fall and found this package Saturday at Goodwill for $5.99.

Pair of (HEAVY) gold sconces $9.99, you can read about the other pair of sconces that I found at Goodwill here.

Vintage porcelain apple and pear $1 each

Vintage Brass and Lucite ice bucket $2!

Dog statue $3..... this pooch will be getting a makeover via white spray paint soon.
This little guy reminded me of my Grandfather. When I was little and we lived in California he would always take me to this Nickel and Dime store in Stockton. I always came home with a few dog statues like this one.

Pair of vintage glasses .50! (I was at my Aunt's house a couple of weeks ago and she has a whole set of glasses, that are very similar to these, that were my grandmothers. They were so pretty and I loved the greek key detail on the metal piece!) Imagine my surprise when my friend pointed out this pair at the Salvation Army! At a quarter a piece they had to come home with me!
This has to be my favorite purchase from Saturday!
My Grandmother passed away when my Mom was in her early twenties so I never got to meet her. I love having things like these cups (and her old dutch oven that my Mom passed down to me) that remind me of her. When my Grandfather passed away in 2007 I was also given the rocking chair that they used with all of their kids. I love that I can look at their old pictures and see them using it just like I have with my children!

So, spill it....do you have a favorite family heirloom? 

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