Monday, April 25, 2011

Counter tops and some Easter fun!!!

Our counter tops are FINALLY in!!!!!!! It's been a long road but it has definitely been worth it! If you are curious to see how they turned out check out the newly updated House Tour tab.I will post before and after shots once I track down the before pics! Now that we have all of the work done our house goes on the market later today...wish us luck!

On Friday I filled you in on our crazy weather, I am happy to report it was sunny and warm yesterday! We had a wonderful service at church and got to spend time with our families, doesn't get much better than that! We even got a picture of all 5 of the grandkids', (on The Mans side of the family) which is pretty rare since they range in age from 5 yr. to 10 months.

We had a great day and J got to hunt for Easter eggs at both of his Grandparents houses! He got so much candy that last night The Man and I had to hide it all. Here he is in action.

                                                         Baby P and Auntie Tammy

(These pictures are from my parents house. We didn't have any solo shots of J from my in-laws and didn't want to give his cousins face time on the old blog for their parents and their own privacy. I choose to post pictures of my kids but I wouldn't want to make that decision for someone else....know what I mean??)

The highlight of the day for me was getting to see "Mimi". She is my cousins Grandmother (but has also been such for my brothers and I) and has been in the hospital for some time now with some serious health issues. She was able to leave for the evening and eat dinner with us and it was such a blessing! Here she is with Baby P, who absolutely LOVES her. (So much so that when she was leaving he gave her a big kiss, so sweet!!)

Hope you all had a great Easter!!!!

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