Monday, April 30, 2012

Bits and pieces

So I went in for my Dr. appointment last week and baby's heart rate was really high. My Dr. had me schedule an ultrasound just to be sure that everything was okay. We found out that my amniotic fluid was low but that baby is fine. Thank you Lord!

On top of (still) taking it easy they have me doing hydrotherapy at home. Sound weird?

Yeah it is, it consists of me taking two baths a day, drinking 60+ oz of water a day and cutting out caffeine, chocolate and fruit juice from my diet. I know most of you are thinking that chocolate would be awful to have to cut out but thankfully I'm not a big fan of it. I am a big fan of fruit juice though, especially orange juice. It's pretty much what I crave 24/7 and have for all of my pregnancies. 

I dream of mimosas!

I have another ultrasound on Thursday to recheck the fluid levels, I'm hoping that they have gone up. If they get too low I would have to be hospitalized until I 5-7 weeks. Yikes!

When we got home from my ultrasound this week we found a puddle in our utility closet.  Goodbye old, busted hot water heater; hello shiny new one and lots of ramen noodles!

Debbie Downer huh!?

On to the good news, I have some nursery pics to share!

I recently found this seller on ebay who has awesome vintage sarees perfect for making pillows out of. Very inexpensive and TONS of patterns and colors to choose from.

Pretty huh!?

We're planning on tackling our basement family room soon. We have SO many books, toys and other general kid stuff it's becoming a problem. We really want to get two storage cabinets, like this one below, to hide it all.

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

We'd put them in the corner and build a desk (using pieces from the 12ft. desk we already have) in between.....kind of like this.

The computer would be moved out of the bedroom and into the family room and we'd use the bedroom for my sewing table, our treadmill and elliptical and the boys train table. Right now we have three different bookcases holding all of the toys, movies and books and they're still everywhere. I'm dying to get this all organized!!

I figure further on down the line I can always jazz up the storage cabinets with some O'verlays.

Happy Monday!!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Boys room updates


   We've been working a lot on Jude and Phin's room over the last month.  Phin used to be blocked into his bed (we had it turned backwards with the headboard at the opposite end and then two bed rails on the sides.) but he managed to figure out how to squeeze his way out. There was no point in having his bed face the wrong way, since he could climb out anyway, so we turned it around and took one of the side rails off. 

Months ago I ordered matching white comforters for their beds, with the intention of making duvet covers for them. I'm still planning on doing this but it will probably be after Isaac is born. It's so nice to actually have their beds made with matching bedding (such a pet peeve of mine.)!  I bought twin size flat sheets to make the duvets out of, they're white with a simple khaki/green ticking stripe.

The bench was given to me by my Mother-in-law and it fits perfectly at the end of Jude's bed with a big wire basket of books underneath.

The horse picture was taken by a friend of mine from high school, it's one of my favorite pieces!

The armoire in their room was a piece I refinished years ago, it's from a vintage Thomasville bedroom set that my Aunt and Uncle gave to us years ago, the set includes the limed dresser in Isaac's nursery. They keep mostly toys in it but it also hides their CD player and extensive stuffed animal collection (EVERY Sesame Street character). They each have a dresser in the closet (plus the one in between their beds) for clothes.

I still have a lot I'd like to do in this room (like install the moroccan light fixture I've been hoarding for 2 years.) but I am shocked at how much we've gotten accomplished in the 10 months we've been here. This is what the room looked like before we moved in.

SOOOOO much better!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quiet Time

Psalm 73:26

 "My flesh and my heart may fail,
    but God is the strength of my heart
    and my portion forever."

Monday, April 23, 2012

Manic Monday

I'm so freaking tired.......I've been cleaning, folding laundry, painting, stripping wallpaper, sanding, priming, organizing baby clothes, contracting of course and dealing with my sons MAJOR bug phobia.  Poor kid is terrified to go outside and we are kind of at a loss as to how to handle it.  On top of that my computer has started acting up.....these pregnancy hormones, and hell who am I kidding my general lack of patience, makes me want to take it out into a field and re-enact "that" scene from Office Space.

While I try to resist that urge here are some lovelies from Pinterest......sorry people, it's all I got in me today!

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Friday, April 20, 2012


 I've been attached to my sewing machine.

I've made about 2,849 pillows........

 a crib sheet (out of this Alexander Henry fabric)..........

 and a slipcover for our ottoman.

(I'm waiting for some sunshine to take some decent photos of the rest of the living room.)

I still need to make two duvet covers for Jude and Phin's beds and then the sewing machine can get put away.

This late in the game (31 weeks) pretty much anything and everything is knock down, drag out exhausting for me. However, it's a mad dash to get everything done before I go into labor and with my history that could be sooner rather than later. I can't believe how quickly this pregnancy has gone by and that we'll be holding sweet baby boy # 3 in as little as six weeks!! Speaking of that sweet baby, his nursery is almost finished. I'm just waiting on one last piece of art.

This awesome photo taken by my Aunt.

I have a pretty sweet framing situation for it too.

Happy Friday, hope you all have a great weekend!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Are you tired of Before and Afters yet??

So, the china cabinet has been finished for about a week now, I just haven't gotten around to taking a picture. Life has been crazy around here lately....what's new right!?

 My poor hubby came down with an awful toothache on Tuesday and by Wednesday couldn't eat or talk he was in so much pain. He finally got in with his dentist on Thursday morning and found out he needs a root canal.......the kicker though? They couldn't do it until Monday morning. So he's all hopped up on Vicodin and Percocet until then. On top of that I failed the one hour glucose test (routine test for pregnant women usually done around 28 weeks to check for gestational diabetes.) and now have to go do the three hour test (with fasting for 12 hours prior) after his dental work on Monday. Ugh, what a way to start the week!

Anyway back to the china cabinet refresh your memory, here's the before.

And the afters..............

I also gave my clam shell a little makeover and painted the inside with gold acrylic paint (after I saw this post from Christine.) And yes, those are flowers are fake and I don't care so get over it. ; )

You can kind of see the new living room set up, this is the wall where the sideboard and TV were before. I'm working on some finishing touches, including reupholstering our behemouth ottoman before I show you the rest of the room. Soon.....hopefully.

Happy weekend people-think fondly of me while you're drinking your coffee and eating some delicious pastry on Monday morning!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dresser reveal

 It's been three weeks since I started this project and the weather, our kids and our schedules just would not cooperate. We've had sick kids, long hours at work for the hubs, contractions for me and a spring blizzard. But I am happy to say that against all odds I am finally finished!

I don't have much of a before photo just this one that I snapped in the middle if moving Phin's stuff into Jude's room last summer.

Here is what she looks like now.................

I have a feeling that the Briwax Liming Wax would've been easier to work with but I'm happy with how it turned out. I decided at the last minute to spray paint the feet mint green and I'm kind of loving it!

I'm so glad to have this done so I can move onto finishing the rest of Isaac's nursery. 

 Only about 9 weeks to go!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth

I'm still here, don't worry. Things have been CRAZY busy around here lately. Both boys have been under the weather, the hubs has worked crazy hours and I've been trying to chip away at the ever expanding To Do list. I'm currently 28 and a half weeks and running out of time before Mr. Isaac decides to grace us with his presence.

Want to see?

I'll look back on this in about 5 weeks and wish I was still this small!
Don't believe me?

This is me 2 days before all 9 pounds and 21 inches of Phin was born.....Holy Belly Batman!!!

Anyway, for the past week I've been working on the dresser for his nursery and I'm almost done stripping and sanding. Here are some pics of the drawers all sanded down and ready for some stain.

You can still see some of the paint in the grooves but I'm kind of liking how it looks. I really wanted to use Briwax Liming Wax (since I've heard really great things about it) but wouldn't it figure no one in town carries it! I did find this stain at Home Depot though.

Hopefully I'll be done with this project soon!

I've also been working on our china cabinet. Here's what it looked like before....

I had grand plans to paint it some amazing color like these.

Bailey just finished a beauty!

And so with all this beautiful inspiration I chose........white. Bummer, I know but I couldn't make my mind up!
I didn't paint the back because I have fabric panels that fit in there. Hence my decision for white paint. I change things so constantly that instead of re-painting it in 6 months I can just change out the backing.
 I know I'm a genius.

Just waiting for the sucker to dry before we move it back into the house and then I'll show you how we re-arranged the living room. SOOO exciting huh?!